Keep it simple. Be who you are. Don't wear something that you don't feel comfortable in because you think you should or someone told you too, your discomfort will show in the photos. Wear something you love! Classic styles are timeless but if that's not you then wear fun, funky and bright -- those make for great photos too!

Accessories add a lot to photos. So do layers, textures, cool shoes, etc. Be sure to stay away from stripes, big logos, and really busy patterns as they actually draw attention to the clothes and not you. Remember to get that haircut, grooming is important :)

My overall message to you -- don't stress over what to wear, bring what you love & lots of variety, wear clothes that are comfortable and that suit your personality, and have fun! If you love what you're wearing you're going feel great and love the end results that much more!!

[ If you really can't decide what to bring contact me and we can decide together.]